Have I introduced you to …

I had meant to do this much sooner and then things got away from me. But! Betty Le Bonbon affiliates!

Betty Le Bonbon affiliates are mostly other small/independent business women not unlike myself. With a couple of exceptions, they’re recent start ups and rely on the generosity of customers like yourself to make them a success.

Every so often someone will quietly ask why I promote other businesses – especially when they’re other women making clothes. Aren’t they competition? Aren’t I sending my supporters and potential sales elsewhere?

Maybe! I don’t know. I hope not! The way I see it, we’re all doing our own unique things in different styles, fabrics and mediums, and we’ll appeal to different women. I’d rather know I’m sending out positive vibes and helping other small business women than be a catty, defensive snob who tries to rob her peers!

So getting on with it. My affiliates!