1. Do you do payment plans?
Yes, we do! See our Layby section for full terms and conditions. Layby is available to everyone, Australia and overseas. Email us at bettylebonbon@gmail.com to arrange.
2. Do you ship internationally?
We do! We’re based in Melbourne Australia, but we ship internationally. We use standard shipping (no tracking numbers or signatures) unless otherwise specified to keep costs low. Please be aware that we cannot accept responsibility for items that go missing in the post – if you’d like signature on delivery or tracking numbers, please email us to discuss costs.
3. Can I send in photos of myself wearing my Betty Le Bonbon skirt?
YES PLEASE! We LOVE seeing our customers in their skirts, and with your permission we love to post your photos to our customer gallery pages. We also welcome your reviews – if you blog about us, let us know!
4. Why do your skirts cost $90?
Our skirts are excellent value, considering they’re made to custom measurements and hand sewn to our own patterns. The fabrics we choose are expensive to purchase and only available in narrow cuts, which means a minimum of three yards of fabric goes into even our tiniest skirts.
5. Why do your custom skirts take so long to make?
Our sewing team consists of two women, both of whom work full time hours outside of their work for Betty Le Bonbon, and the demand for our skirts is quite high. Also, because of the care and professionalism that goes into each and every skirt. Due to the printed fabrics we use, each and every skirt panel is cut individually to showcase the fabric. Finally, our estimates are an absolute maximum time, and allow time for delivery of fabric from the US (where we order our fabrics) to Australia. We only order our fabrics once our customers have placed their orders with us, which enables us to keep our costs low. Most of our skirts actually go out much sooner. Please note that if you are paying by payment plan, we do not commence sewing until after your final payment is made – our six-to-eight week time frame starts AFTER final payment!
6. What is your size range?
Our in-stock, off the rack stock ranges from 27 inches to 53 inches at any given time, and is based on previous size requests. If your size isn’t available in a particular style, you’re welcome to request it.
Our custom skirts go up to 45 inches for the $90 bracket, and thereafter cost an extra $10 for every 10 inches, depending on fabric availability.
7. I have a great dress pattern I’d love in one of your fabrics, will you make it for me?
No. We only make our skirts.
8. Do you make pants/shirts/men’s wear/other?
At this point in time, we only make skirts and dresses, and our only custom items are our swing skirts.
9. Can I buy fabric through you?
10. Where can I find the fabrics you use?
Try google.
11. Are you on FB, Twitter, Tumblr, Instagram, Pin It etc?
You can find us at Facebook, Twitter and Tumblr!
12. Who are Betty Le Bonbon – Cheek Boutique?
Betty Le Bonbon are a team of three women based in three different cities in Australia. Founded in 2012, we started with a range of polka dot swing skirt by custom order and have grown from there! We aim to provide beautiful, well made and comfortable garments for women in a broad range of sizes, with an emphasis on so-called ‘inbetweenie’ sizes and plus sizes.
13. Can I return/exchange my purchase?
You may exchange skirts/dresses bought from our ‘off the rack’ range if the size was wrong, but postage is at your expense. If the garment is faulty, we’ll offer a full refund or exchange at our expense. Absolutely no exchange or refunds will be provided for custom skirts.
14. Do you offer promo codes and coupons?
Yes! Join our mailing list and keep an eye on our Facebook page for the latest promo codes and sales. We also offer a $5 code for images submitted to our customer gallery.
15. Will you donate to my fundraiser/charity auction/blog giveaway?
No. Betty Le Bonbon supports a range of handpicked organisations through our skirt and dress sales, but at present we’re too small a business to be regularly giving away to anyone and everyone who asks. However, we welcome blogger and other small business affiliations, and welcome contact from interested parties. We’re also happy to discuss limited dress/skirt runs with a portion of the proceeds going to a particular organisation (for example, in the past we produced a run of red circle skirts with $20 of each skirt going towards Autism Awareness Australia). We do, however, require a minimum order of 3 of each size sold, and a 15 skirt minimum order – if you’re interested in this sort of support/campaign, please first ensure you have the numbers to back you up.