Layby and Custom Skirts

Payment plans are absolutely welcome! To arrange, please first read the conditions below, and then get in touch with us either through the contact form (see the ‘contact’ page), or email us directly at, clearly stating what item you’re interested in, and in what size. Layby is welcome on in-stock items and custom skirts, but not sale items.


Minimum order of $60 applies for layby payments.

A non-refundable deposit of $20 is required for in-stock items, $30 for custom skirts.

We require a minimum payment of $10 every two weeks of your payment duration.

Maximum layby duration is 10 weeks.

We send out a bulk email every two weeks to remind customers about their payment plan – if you have already made a payment in that frame, please simply ignore the email. If not, take the opportunity to arrange a payment!

We understand that sometimes financial circumstances can change unexpectedly – if more time is required, please contact us BEFORE the ten week mark to discuss your needs! If you fail to complete your payments within ten weeks, you will be sent one reminder by email – failure to respond or complete your payment will forfeit your initial payment, the remaining money will be refunded to your Paypal account. Any customer who fails to fulfil the obligations of the payment plan will be blacklisted from future payment plans.

In the case of custom skirts, we only commence sewing your skirt AFTER final payment is made; please keep take this into consideration. Your skirt will be sent six to eight weeks after final payment.

Custom Skirt Ordering!

You the customer provide us with your measurements, so please take your measurements with care! We simply make our garments to the measurements YOU provide, and we cannot be held responsible if you are unhappy with the final result. Please also note that once you have sent your measurements, they cannot be changed – we keep only a limited amount of fabric on hand, and thus cannot simply recut because you provided us with incorrect measurements.

In short, measure carefully please!


We advertise new fabrics at midday on the 1 and 15 of every month, Melbourne Australia time. Orders stay open for the following 24 hours, and close precisely at midday the following day (the 2 and 16 of each month). We do not accept late orders.

Fabrics are advertised at our FB page,, and orders placed via email to

To secure your order, a minimum $30 deposit must be made to us within the 24 hour window of purchase. Any orders not paid for will be cancelled – we will not remind nor follow up on individual orders. We recommend you visit to familiarise yourself with the time in Melbourne vs the time in your hometown, as we will not accept ‘I didn’t know the time in Melbourne’ as an excuse for late payments.

We accept a maximum of 8 custom skirts per month, and for this reason anyone who claims a skirt but fails to pay in the 24 hour window will be banned from future custom skirt purchases – it wastes our time, and it’s unfair on genuine customers.


We offer only swing skirts. Our swing skirts are 3/4 the size of a full circle skirt. Please don’t ask us if we can make you an A-line skirt, or send us a photo of a skirt you like and ask if we’ll make it – we only make our swing skirts!

The absolute maximum length we offer for the price of $90 is 24 inches. Skirts longer than 24 inches incur a $10 fee to cover the extra cost of fabric. The absolute maximum length we can offer is 27 inches.

The absolute maximum waist band we can offer for the price of $90 is 45 inches*. Wider skirts incur a fee of $10 for every extra 10 inches, again to cover the cost of extra fabric.

Yes, we offer pockets! Side seam pockets are an extra $5 (for two pockets).

We also offer a choice of a one inch deep waistband, or two inch deep waistband. If you don’t specify, we’ll simply go with the one inch waistband. If you’re unsure which to choose, we find customers with a waist over 40 inches tend to prefer the one inch waistband as the deeper waistband can buckle and fold after extended wear. It’s purely an aesthetic choice, and makes no difference if you’re wearing a belt over your skirt!

*Please note this pricing system is only for our custom skirts, as these fabrics are expensive and come in very narrow lengths. Our instock, off-the-rack skirts are regularly priced and available up to 53 inches in most ranges, and we’re happy to extend our size range by request!