Polka Dot Appreciation Post

I love polka dots. I don’t know when or where the love started, but it’s there, has infiltrated my handbags, shoes, and most definitely my clothes.

So it goes without saying that it has also infiltrated the Betty Le Bonbon fabric selection on a number of occasions. Indeed, all our first skirts were polka dot fabrics and a variety of different colour ways.

The way I see it, polka dots are the ‘neutral’ of printed fabrics. Quirky, fun and visually interesting … without being too in your face or outlandish (having said that, when it came to my grandfather’s funeral I had to choose between a black with red polka dot swing dress, and an almost inappropriately short LBD – I went with the short LBD, feeling the polka dot swing dress from Vivien of Holloway was a little too fun for a funeral … unless it’s my funeral, in which case, I’d like it on the record that everyone is to wear polka dots). They’re a great choice for people who are looking to change it up from the standard solid colours and neutrals and want to introduce something a little more bold and patterned into their wardrobe.

If you’re looking for fun and summery … polka dots are always a great choice. We recently sent Betty Le Bonbon model Meredith a selection of our polka dotted swing and circle skirts, and here’s the fun and sassy results!


Illustrated tutorials: the best kind of tutorials!

I love illustrated tutorials. It’s just the way I learn. The only thing better than an illustrated tutorial, is the illustrated tutorial with written instructions.

Don’t get me wrong. Videos are great. How shocking yet awesome is it when you finally hear your favourite blogger talk for the first time. Is their voice what you imagined? They’re so cute! AND THAT ACCENT! (Carly from Smaggle is my favourite for any sort of video. She’s hilarious, she’s entertaining, and she’s Australian, so she could be any one of my crazy hilarious girlfriends.)

And yet, illustrated tutorials still remain my favourite of the internet-based tutorials. Here’s some I’ve been collecting recently.


Disney classics (predating most of the princesses!)

I’m going to preface this by noting that these are vintage Disney, some of them dating back to the early 40s. Not unlike Dumbo, some of the content is dated and potentially offensive for various political correctness issues (cultural stereotyping, patriarchal/sexist … this first one has a moment where a young lady is drawn with a large bottom and glares until the illustrator ‘corrects’ her ‘issue’).


Gemma Ven Detta: Vintage Hair and Makeup Artist!

I’m absolutely delighted to introduce you all to a new affiliate of Betty Le Bonbon – Gemma Ven Detta! Gemma’s a sassy, hard working lady who, following a diagnosis of Multiple Sclerosis in 2007, decided it was time to follow her dreams of working in recreating vintage glamour. She’s now an artist specialising in vintage hair & makeup for weddings, photoshoots, private functions, theatre and stage.

Points of awesomeness:

Gemma’s been working since 2007 as a self taught “talented amateur”! She only commenced study to become a qualified hairdresser and makeup artist this year (just imagine how awesome she’s going to be by the end of this year!).
She’s studying at the prestigious Vidal Sassoon recognised Clip Joint Education.
Gemma’s an advocate for natural, organic & chemical-free products – and is happy to make recommendations based on personal experience. Just ask her!
She also has a webstore selling beautiful Besame cosmetics (looove!) and Rago shapewear – you can shop here!
Gemma’s doing all of this and she’s a single mother.
She’s based in Adelaide, South Australia – my old stomping ground!


Have I introduced you to …

I had meant to do this much sooner and then things got away from me. But! Betty Le Bonbon affiliates!

Betty Le Bonbon affiliates are mostly other small/independent business women not unlike myself. With a couple of exceptions, they’re recent start ups and rely on the generosity of customers like yourself to make them a success.

Every so often someone will quietly ask why I promote other businesses – especially when they’re other women making clothes. Aren’t they competition? Aren’t I sending my supporters and potential sales elsewhere?

Maybe! I don’t know. I hope not! The way I see it, we’re all doing our own unique things in different styles, fabrics and mediums, and we’ll appeal to different women. I’d rather know I’m sending out positive vibes and helping other small business women than be a catty, defensive snob who tries to rob her peers!

So getting on with it. My affiliates!